Visual Arts

Visual artist and BuildaBrige Artist-on-Call Kaylie Sauter joined the team from Nairobi where she was working with artists in Mathare Valley and Kibera. Her task was to teach and guide women from Women in War Zones (WiWZ) to learn basic drawing skills and to complete a mural for the WiWZ's community building. She chose the concept of the portable mural made from plywood rectangles. All painting supplies were purchased locally. A core philosophy of BuildaBridge is to strive or sustainability; meaning, we do not bring supplies with the team but look for locally produced materials and opportunities.

Kaylie Sauter (foreground) and Julia Crawford (background) prepare for classes.  The team joined from the United States and Kenya in Kigali, Rwanda and drove to the border where they had two days to work together.  Previous preparations were completed through online conferences.

The Painting Class for 12 people. Not enough room.
Let's move it outside.  This was a first time for most of these women to draw.

The portable mural.  Individual paintings become a mural. Life is a journey.

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